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Garlic & Onion wind damage?

Afternoon all, 

New member here! 

After buying our first home last October we’ve made the most of our garden and have planted a good selection of fruit and veg, we’ve managed so far by reading books and browsing the internet, however struggled to find an answer for my below question.

A few weeks ago down here in Dorset we had strong winds for a few days and my (Marco) Garlic and (Autumn Champion) Onions took a real beating, as you can see from the photos I found many of them blown over, not snapped but bent/creased in various places.

They seem to be okay but I was curious as to whether they will continue to swell etc? I’ve managed to prop most of them up or is that pointless now? 

Any advice on what to do with them will be appreciate.


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
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    I would say those are still growing so would leave them to it for now.  You can plant garlic as close as 4" (10cm) apart and then they'll be able to support each other in the wind to some extent, as well being able to use less ground or fit more into the same area. :)
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  • Appreciate the reply @BobTheGardener I will certainly bear that in mind when it comes to planting next time.

    We also planted Germidour Garlic which seems to be doing really well, it’s much thicker than the Marco so survived the wind.

    I shall post the results once I harvest them all in a few weeks! 
  • We got a bit impatience today so decided to pull three of smallest Marco Garlic, we’re really surprised with how well they’ve turned out! 

    We’re going to leave the rest for another week or two. 
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