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New Gardener: Overgrown flower bed. Please Help!

I picked up my first gardening tools this week, cut back the overgrown hedge and did the lawn😊.

However, my main issue now is the overgrown flower bed round the lawn. It used to be beautiful but since our tenement's gardener passed away years ago its been unloved. There are still some decent plants in there I think, just overgrown.

Unfortunatel, the beds contain mostly weeds now I think.

I want to clean out the weeds from the front of the bed nearest the lawn and put new flowers in this season. This is mostly for selling the property as soon as the virus and market allows. Garden doesnt have to be perfect, just with a little colour and life.

I'm happy to put in the work in the garden but I have M.E and a bad back so struggle at times. I live opposite a hardware store that hires gardening equipment so would prefer to utilise any sorts of tools to take stress off my back if possible etc. 

I'm also a bit worried abt using weedkiller as many cats and squirrels use the garden.

I attacked a massive jaggy plant that was wrapped round a tree today, I've so little knowledge I guess it's a vine or bramble but I don't know😂. Not sure how to kill it either.

Anyway, any help to break down a simple plan of attack, would be fantastic. Cheers Julie.


  • Well done on the Lawn. You're right - please please don't use use weed killing chemicals, it will be poisonous to many more creatures than just cats and squirrels! Are you able to get some one to help you define the border edges? That will make an immediate difference and it will appear much tidier within hours. Then you can perhaps post on this forum to help sort the wheat from the chaff as it were...
  • WoolydWoolyd Posts: 9

    Thanks so much for getting back to me.

    I was gonna attack the borders today with some shears for the stray long grass I missed with mower incase I ended up on the flower bed, but it was raining overnight here in Glasgow so they wouldn't cut.

    No, this is a one person job. I live alone and the other flat tenants are lazy; elderly; dead; and disappeared🤷🏻‍♀️
    Just me as its not something my friends would want to help with. I guess a spade would do for defining the border edges??? Cheers J
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,177
    If you don't have one of those half moon things then a spade will be fine. Depending on whether you want curves or straight lines, you can use a hosepipe or piece of wood as a guide, or you can just do it by eye.
    That will make an instant improvement  :)
  • WoolydWoolyd Posts: 9
    Thanks for the advice!

    I'm going to raid a neighbour's old shed tomorrow. He kept a beautiful garden but is now housebound and pays for it to be looked after. He thinks he still might have some tools I could use. Going to take some photos and use him as my gaffer😊.
  • WoolydWoolyd Posts: 9
    Thanks very much for your reply😊

    I'm kinda at a stand still as I've nowhere to put the cuttings as the bins are full of hedge at the moment!

    I've got a neighbour who might have some tools I can borrow... Hopefully an edger so as everyone has suggested, I can tidy up the lawn. I might be able to get a strimmer too.
    I'm going to take it slowly and see what I can get done.
    Thanks again for the advice! 👍
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