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Hardier begonias?

I'm in the South East of the UK but in an odd pocket near to lots of water where we rarely get much frost.  As a result I have quite a few things that are fairly reliably hardy in my garden that shouldn't be.  In particular some cheap bedding begonias will overwinter quite reliably in the ground.  Not had so much luck with any of the bigger posher ones though I grew from tubers so I'm looking for ideas...

So far begonia semperflorens seems reliably hardy but they're not the most exciting ones in my book.  'Non-stop mocha' has done well but a few larger flowering ones didn't make it.  Any suggestions of types people have found more likely to survive a mild UK winter?

I know there are some begonias that are actually hardy in the UK but I'm looking for larger or pretty flowers, ideally two tone not interesting leaves...

Thanks for any ideas...



  • GrumpymumGrumpymum Posts: 77
    No idea how reliable they are, but I've got some begonia 'apricot shades' that I planted out last summer coming up in a raised bed and some planters, as well as some of the normal cheap bedding types in the borders. I've never had begonias over winter outside before though!
  • I've started growing these two this year: 
    Begonia grandis 'Sapporo'
    Begonia grandis spp. evansiana 'Simsii'

    And they are supposedly hardy...look them up just in case they tickle your fancy.
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  • Thanks for the suggestions!  Apricot shades sounds like it's worth a go.  But maybe Sapporo if it's really hardy and happy in shade might be useful too.
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