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Yellow Laurel Leave


we had laurel bushes planted just before lock down. We’re no gardeners but have done our best to feed them and water, we were once told to be careful not to over water, but about 5/6 random ones out of 60  now have a few yellow leaves. And another is quite droopy! I know we have had dry weather but the grown if you dig down feels fine, any tips is appreciated! 


  • 60! You're not making it easy on yourself. I can't really tell from those photos how densely they are planted but hope you know how much space they can take when fully grown.

    They look quite shapeless and spindly which tells me they need a good prune to make them bush up a bit. 

    There's a long running very comprehensive conversation on laurels here, it's full of good advice and useful photographs:
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  • LynLyn Posts: 21,340
    I think the place you bought them from gave instructions the wrong way round, they need no feed and lots of water, just cut a couple of inches off the tops of each one so they’re level and give a good watering, a can each. 
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  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 50,214
    Exactly as @Lyn says - virtually impossible to over water laurel. 

    60 does seem excessive. As @amancalledgeorge says, check out that thread @katherinebeaumont, and you'll have all the info you'll ever need on growing laurel successfully. 
    They do look quite poor specimens, but should improve if you follow the advice given.  :)
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