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Need advice on choosing a climber

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping for some ideas regarding climbers. I have a wall around my house which has a reasonably busy footpath on the other side. I'm keen to plant a few climbers to provide privacy in regards to the fence section.

Ideally I would plant something evergreen, and self clinging. However I'm worried ivy will destroy the brickwork. The other option is to install horizontal wires, which I'm prepared to do if need be.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! 😊



  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    Before that, please post a bit more details so others can give you better recommendations. Which way does the the wall/fence face, and your soil type. Example, heavy compacted soil or loose free draining soil that always appear to be dry.
  • Yes of course, quite a newbie so do excuse me! 😅

    It's an east facing wall, and a fairly sheltered spot. The soil is clay loam, fairly loose and dry. I'm not sure how well it can be seen in the photo but the bed is rather narrow 
  • MarineliliumMarinelilium Posts: 213
    Hi there Igraham; May I suggest a Trachelospermum jasminoides as it would love the warmth of the wall, self-climber and evergreen but best of all - smells wonderful.

    (Roses or berberis could deter uninvited visitors from the adjacent footpath).

    Oxford research commissioned by English Heritage and another study for the National Trust concluded that climbers (yes, even ivies)are more likely to protect their brickwork from seasonal temperature extremes, day and night temperature changes, air pollution and provide significant wildlife habitat, if the mortar was already sound, than it would compromise the structures.

    That may be challenged by old school gardeners but this research informed high stakes investor interests with a lot to lose and whom, I presume, would keep their wall mortar in good nick. The weight of the climber has to be proportionate so Trachelospermum jasminoides is a safe bet for your fenced wall top.


  • Many thanks ML, what a wonderful suggestion! Star jasmine seems like it ticks all the boxes, and as a bonus is not toxic to animals (my dog takes the odd nibble on plants so we try to be careful). Do you imagine it would be hardy enough for a garden in N.Ireland?

    Very interesting to hear about the research regarding intact mortar and climbers. The walls are 10 years old and in good nick, so this provides me some reassurance.

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