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Any advice to add to this bed on a budget?

pinkapantspinkapants Posts: 15

I thought the geraniums at the front would grow more, but should I buy more and clumps them together. Is there anything else to add? It's a shallow bed at the front 
I'm going to out wires on the wall for the jasmine to grow
It's north facing but gets light afternoon/evening. 


  • When you say shallow - how shallow? Also is it dry or moist, for instance is a clay soil or sandy and light in structure?
  • pinkapantspinkapants Posts: 15
    Oh are geraniums come back year?
    Where would I put the seeds?
    Soil is clay so I dug it to about 5cm... Just the front half the back is about 0.5foot 
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    I can't see the plants properly. What type of 'geraniums' do you have. Pelargoniums are not all that hardy and may not survive winters outdoors if left out. Hardy Geraniums on the other hand are hardy and normally spread out if the conditions suit. They will return year after year.
  • pinkapantspinkapants Posts: 15
    I added shrub and rose compost. I literally just put these plants in from the garden centre... I have no clue if I expect them to grow more. Literally clueless 😂
  • pinkapantspinkapants Posts: 15
    An a bit of bone meal?
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