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I am hoping somebody can help me to identify this plant and to somehow make it happier (leaves look a bit curled up) and less “leggy” and “woody” if possible? 

When I bought it I’m sure it said it was a “hebe Caledonia”, but since then it has produced white flowers, and I believe they produce purple flowers?

Plant identification apps are telling me common myrtle, but it doesn’t produce any berries so I’m thinking it can’t be this?

Thanks in advance!


  • Reminds me of vinca minor and there are some white flowered varieties. They naturally sprawl as a ground cover so not sure how you could make it less leggy, if that is what it is.
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    The way it is growing, I think it may be Abelia x Grandiflora. Check to see if the flowers match what you saw.

    If so, the plant just needs a prune to keep it more bushy and fresh. They can grow quite large and tall if pruned yearly.
  • Thanks both. I don’t think the flowers were like vinca minor, I think the white flowers do match Abelia x Grandiflora, but I don’t remember it having the brown/red bits that seems to be on all pictures. Do all species of this have that red tinge?

    I may have to wait until it flowers again to be able to confirm!

    @Borderline what time of year is best to prune it?

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    They are not too fussy with pruning times once established. The flowering period tends to be around mid-summer onward into autumn. So, you can prune through to the autumn time, but you will end up losing the flowers. Normally, they should be pruned in the spring time but it does look like it needs a trim to keep it from sprawling about.

    The colouring is more during the late autumn to winter time, but again, it depends on the local conditions in your garden. Not all shrubs end up with the reddish tones. This is also more highlighted when the flowers finish and the red/bronze coloured calyces hang on for a few more months.
  • Silver surferSilver surfer Posts: 4,709
    edited June 2020
    Abelia grow like this and  can get very large...naturally drooping
    Please do not prune it now or you will lose the delight of seeing it in flower
    and the  red calyx after the petals have fallen off.

    Below is Abelia grandiflora compacta.
    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • Hannahmitchell2424Hannahmitchell2424 Posts: 16
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    Thanks all, I really don’t remember seeing the red part of it. Guess I will just have to wait for it to flower to be certain what it is - I will hold off pruning it for now 😊
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