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New Turf Dying

Hi All,

Was wondering whether I might be able to get some advise.

We had new turf layed over the weekend, and have been watering it regularly as we were told to, however I'm worried that it seems to be dying in some places and not too sure what I can do to save it.

The guys who installed it, brought in some more top soil which they spread everywhere, however the bulk of the ground was from the previous garden which was mainly rock and dirt.

I don't think in the begining that there was enough water getting through, but have increased that and the ground beneath the grass is now damp, but just wondering whether I should try to water it more, or even use a sprinkler on it for 30 mins every morning/evening instead of the hose?

Any help or advice would be fantastic.


  • BenCottoBenCotto Posts: 4,580
    You’ve had the misfortune to pick the worst May month to lay a lawn since dinosaurs rather than cats were public enemy number one on this forum.

    Overwatering in summer is almost impossible, underwatering is very easy. Get the sprinkler going late evening for hours at a time and do it for around 4 weeks. I am very confident the lawn will flourish.
    Rutland, England
  • Thanks for your advice, I'll up the watering in the late afternoon. Hopefully it starts coming back.
  • beanie31beanie31 Posts: 15
    Definitely more water and you’ll rescue it. My turf was laid 2 weeks ago today I’ve had the sprinkler on twice daily an Hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. My lawn is very green. Hopefully the rain forecast will help to x
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