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Help! Is it mosaic virus?

I'm a new gardener and have been using lockdown to tend the garden. It's rented and the landlord transported some rose bushes in from another garden before we moved in. I think it weakened the roses, which led to aphids and disease... so much of the garden is becoming infected and now my large pot of cauliflower seedlings looks suspicious... Is it mosaic?


  • mrtjformanmrtjforman Posts: 331
    I wish I was all knowing but that's like asking what sex a blade of grass is. Pretty much impossible looking at the blade of Grass no matter how much you look since they all look the same.
  • gardenman91gardenman91 Posts: 429
    Hi Hellene, what is the underside of the leaf like? Is it the majority of the leaves? 
  • The underside seems ok. The pale patch shows through though. It's not the majority of leaves. 

  • I have a similar problem with my French beans, which seems to have spread to my courgettes and squash. Do I have to destroy them all and what causes this?
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