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Replacement greenhouse parts

Good evening people, I was wondering if I could pick some brains... I was recently given a second hand greenhouse, I disassembled it myself and transported it myself, however having gone to reassemble it today, I have noticed I am missing a 6ft base plate and a 6ft gutter section. I have spoken to the person who gave me the the greenhouse and its not there, I've also treble checked what I have and it isn't present. Does anyone know of a company that sells replacements, unfortunately it's an old aluminium structure that was at the house when my friend bought it so we don't know the manufacturer, but I would assume they're pretty generic? I'm a welder by trade, I could fabricate the base plate if necessary, but the gutter section is a different story.

Thanks in advance. 


  • KiliKili Posts: 1,117
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    Try this site they do a lot of spares and may help identify your greenhouse. A picture of the grenhouse would help if you took one before you dismantled.

    Or it may be a Halls greenhouse check here

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  • LynLyn Posts: 23,060
    You could look on ebay for greenhouse spares, you may see something similar that will do.
    I know you can get generic guttering and downpipe for water collection. 
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