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Plant ID please

Any idea what this might be? Just started growing between a raised bed and fence, and not something I’ve planted. 


  • first guess it looks like a clematis and if so given the time of year it could possible be a group 3 which means you cut it back hard in spring. It should flower late June early July.
  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,384
    I've seen that leaf shape on some clematis species.  Is is possibly coming through from next door? 
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  • Thank you @angelique 2 and @BobTheGardener

    Think I realised what’s happened. After we moved in we had a bit of a clear out in the garden, and I must have cut it back to put a terracotta pot where it is. The previous owners must have planted it. I was sure it was dead or a weed. 

    Oh well, it’s a pleasant surprise on a sunny day. Curious to see how it flowers in July.  

    Thanks again!
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