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Hedge Planting Ideas

I'm looking to plant a hedge in the autumn/winter time, most likely bareroot hawthorn.  Distance is around 20-30 metres.
Done one recently by removing turf, turning over, adding compost/fertilister and planting small plants - but left with massive amount of turf and it was pretty hard work...
Was thinking of a couple of different ways to do it - 
1 - sheet mulch with cardboard then mulch on top, planting through gaps created.
2 - laying down tarp/sheet of some sort to kill the grass in the summer, turn over the soil then plant (so removing nothing).
3 - same as above - remove all the turf, add in compost to the existing soil and turn over ready for planting.
Anybody tried any of the above with any success? Or does anybody have any other suggestions.
Not impartial to a bit of hard work, just seemed a waste - although will use the removed turf when it breaks down.  :)
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