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Is it too late for celery

I forgot all about celery.
Does anyone know whether it's too late to sow it now? I'm in SW Scotland.


  • Sabina13Sabina13 Posts: 113
    I'd wager a guess at it being to late, but I have never grown it. Just bumping this up for you, hate seeing unanswered posts. 
  • Thanks Sabina13 for answering and bumping! I think I'll try growing some from the stump of celery I've bought and eaten. It will be fun to experiment if nothing else. You can do it in water or plant it in the ground apparently ... should be interesting ☺
  • Sabina13Sabina13 Posts: 113
    Oh yes I've heard of this, I think roots develop faster when you propagate via water? Good luck!
  • Thank you! I'm going to try both so if anything succeeds I'll post a photo of them!
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