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Ants !!

How do I prevent ants, whenever I start a new pot in the garden, days later it is full of ants, do they ruin growth of the plant, or just a nuisance being in the pot, can I prevent this ?


  • DaffydillyDaffydilly Posts: 78
    About 200ml washing up liquid to a gallon of water.  Pour over soil.  Deal with escaping ants any way you choose ;)   I find that after a session or two they get the idea!
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  • Bakes3147Bakes3147 Posts: 4
    Thank you
  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
    Agree, a regular very deep watering will move them on.  I've also used very fine grained kiln-dred yellow sand (the sort used for sweeping over block paving) in mounds over the holes where they come up to the surface in pots.  They can't cope with the constant trickle of sand which falls down and the colony moves-on but that obviously only works in dry weather.
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  • DaffydillyDaffydilly Posts: 78
    I will try that BobTheGardener thanks.  Prevention is better than cure ;)
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  • orlhei77orlhei77 Posts: 1
    Regular watering is good. Also if you have soil that keeps moisture well it makes the living environment for the ants impossible to live in when the water stays in the pot longer.
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