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Turf brown patch

Good Evening All,

We have recently noticed brown patch on our newly laid turf. Turf was laid last year October and has been going good until now when we noticed this brown patch at 2 places and looks like it is growing. There is no sun on one of spots which is more brown than other, surely I don’t think this has been caused by sun as trees from neighbours doesn’t let any direct sunlight on this patch. 

Tried to read on Internet and they referred to Brown patch disease. Has someone got any idea what this could be and how can we stop this from spreading.

I use to water the turf every evening until few weeks back. From last 2 weeks we have been watering every day in morning for 20 mins. 

I cut the turf work Flymo electric lawnmower at 4cm (it’s a middle setting so not too short). We also recently got “Green Thumb” company to do feed and weed control (around start of April). 

Attached the picture for reference. Please advise us. 



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