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Chamaerops humilis/Siver Fan Palm

Please can anyone help me to identify the problem wth my Chamaerops humilis or Silver Fan Palm/ It's about 2 metres tall and has been outside in a border for about 10 years. Each new leaf is shiny and green and then gradually develops small brown/rust coloured marks that gradually take over the entire leaf, it becomes very unsightly.  It's on a water drip feed and I compost it very year. Any ideas on how to stop this?


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,943
    Hello Gill :) ,
    Sorry,  your question seemed to fall through the net,  hopefully you haven't given up.
    It's possibly some kind of fungal infection. If you click on the link below from Kings Park plants, you will see a link to a palm problems pdf.
    Hopefully this will help, also others on here may have some advice.
  • Thank you for your suggestions. It's on a drip feed water system because it's in a part of the garden which is very sunny and dry. The problem has existed for a number of years and several years ago we took a leaf to Wisley to see if they could identify the problem, they suggested it was a type of fungus called shot-blast and it would benefit from feeding. Since then it has been composted every year and also fed throughout the growing season. The new leaves come through unmarked but then gradually get unsightly rust coloured marks. I cut off all the badly-marked leaves but this doesn't seem to solve the problem. it's become quite unsightly so I decided the time had come to remove it but my husband won't let me as he likes the plant. I will take a photo to see if this makes it easier for you to identify the problem and will also look at the Kings Park Plants website. Thank you all. 
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