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Potentilla "Arc En Ciel" not flowering

AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,457
edited May 2020 in Plants
I bought this plant at Gardeners' World Live some years ago. Although it looks healthy, it has never flowered. I thought maybe it wasn't getting enough sun, so moved it to a sunnier position around 2 years ago, but still no flowers.
I have had to lift it to make way for something else, and have potted it up in the meantime. I'm loathe to give up just yet ! Can anyone offer some advice please? 


  • Silver surferSilver surfer Posts: 4,710
    Maybe a little early in the year ...give it a little longer.
    Fingers crossed it looks a stunner.
    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,457
    It certainly caught my eye on the display stand @Silver surfer - l just hope l see those flowers again! 
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