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Plant help and id please

Bought two of these about 3 years ago and planted them in containers. The lower leaves have all browned off and died and wondered why this might be? Can’t for the life of me remember their name so would also appreciate some advice on how best to keep them healthy. Thanks 😎


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    Lack of water. The compost looks very dry and the foliage can fad if exposed to full sun for too long.
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    Pretty sure they're Cordylines. Can't see the pot size, but they may need repotting and fresh compost.
    You can pull the dead leaves off.
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    Thanks. The dead leaves pull off quite easily so I’ll tidy them up and repot with fresh compost . Although we are in the south I may bring them into the summerhouse during the worst months.
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    Mine stay out all year round in a sheltered corner spot,  I root prune every few years and put fresh compost in the tub and they are fine.  These are about 30 years old, I just pull off the dead leaves and make sure they are well watered in this weather - as much to deter the ants as anything else  :)

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    We are in Dorset so perhaps we can find a more sheltered spot in the winter. Yours look great so (green) fingers crossed ours will improve over time. Thanks all. 
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