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A retaining wall against my neighbours garden which is about 3 feet lower than mine.

Jasmine101Jasmine101 Posts: 3
I want to plant something flowering, no more than 2m in height, as a screen in summertime in a border which happens to be edged by a retaining wall against my neighbours garden which is about 3 feet lower than mine.  This border has always had herbaceous plants with no issues to the wall however I am concerned about large roots from shrubs.  The plant/shrub could be placed about 2 feet  from the edge, preferably not in a container, and perhaps removed altogether every few years.  Could you recommend something like Leycesteria or Lavatera which is to be at least 5 foot in height by the beginning of June? 
Normal soil, watering no problem. Many thanks.


  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 12,000
    Could we have a photo please, I'm finding it difficult to visualize that situation.
    North East Somerset - Clay soil over limestone
  • Jasmine101Jasmine101 Posts: 3
    Sorry for any confusion.  Imagine two typical urban gardens next to each other separated by a fence.
    In my case my garden is 3 feet higher than my neighbours.  What stops my soil falling into theirs is the 3 foot high retaining wall on top of which is said fence.   I don't want anything on my side pushing its roots against the wall causing structural damage.  Hence I can't just plant a hedge of shrubs.  Also, there is only one spot with a view I really want to block.   I am even considering maybe three bamboos in pots in a line to act as a screen in summer when I am sat outside, but I would prefer to plant directly in the ground provided the roots are not too invasive.  Any suggestions?  

  • edhelkaedhelka Posts: 2,350
    What type of fence do you have there and how high? If solid, do you need height above the fence? If it is something see-through, is it a chain-link fence or something with more structure (possibly supporting for a climber)?
  • Jasmine101Jasmine101 Posts: 3
    The fence is about 4 feet high, wooden panels into concrete supports.  So quite low on my side but quite high from my neighbours point of view.  I do not wish to add a climber support.  I am quite happy with my tall grasses, echinops etc except for one spot.  The effect I am after is like a large shrub creating a screen which needs to be in place by the end of May eg sunflowers will not do.  What I have had is an evergreen in a large pot, very difficult to keep sufficiently watered in summer and very unhappy in that  confined situation.  I would plant a Leycesteria or a Buddleja in the ground  in a second if only I could be sure the roots would not cause a problem.   Grateful for any thoughts.
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