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Matt_Matt_ Posts: 48

We have a sunken lawn and around the edge is a narrow trench which tends to fill with various weeds/wildflowers. I like how it softens the edge of the lawn and it's become home to a sizeable frog population so I like to let it do it's own thing. However I am trying to identify all the plants in there so I know there's nothing too pernicious. It's mostly wild strawberries and forget-me-nots, but could you please help ID these for me?


2: The leaves on this one are a little shrivelled now, I was thinking creeping buttercup, but the flower seems more orange.



  • B3B3 Posts: 27,286
    Top is geum urbanum. Get rid of it and don't let it seed!
    Wild strawberries behind the yellow flower. They can become a nuisance. Some say the berries taste good. Mine don't.
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  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,384
    The 1st photo is Geum urbanum as @B3 says - get rid quick and look around for other younger ones and get to recognise them, because where there's one..  The larger flower is Meconopsis cambrica (Welsh poppy) which will also seed around and flowers are always yellow or orange.  I like those but they are perennial and form a tap root, so pull-up any seedlings of those growing in places you don't want them before they get to do that.  As B3 says, some wild strawberries taste great, others not so - luck of the draw so wait and see.  They can be very invasive.
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  • Matt_Matt_ Posts: 48
    Thanks, got the geum out now. 

    Yes there's loads of wild strawberry. I'm leaving it for now, it can't really send runners up from the lawn edges without me noticing and its easy enough to thin out when it gets too big. Hasn't made any inroads into the lawn over the last couple of years either.

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