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Fuchsia cutting

Hello everyone. This is my first post and I'm totally new to gardening. I took some fuchsia cuttings last week from a plant in our garden. Cut below the leaf node and took all but the top two leaves off. Dipped in rooting powder and pushed into a pot of compost. Watered covered with a poly bag and left on a window sill. A few days later the leaves withered away. This has happened twice now. I hear they are easy to grow. What am I doing wrong?


  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    They are the only cuttings I ever did and had success so am unsure why yours aren't taking.
    I am assuming they are not in direct sun and you put them at the edge of the pot several in the same small pot?
    Right compost and wet to start with and watered by standing in water not from above as you don't want wet leaves under plastic and the plastic isn't touching the plant.
    If you are doing all that I can't suggest anything else.
  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 10,044
    How soft were the stems that you took as cuttings? I find that really soft new growth wilts before it roots. It works better for me if the bottom part of the cutting has started to firm up a bit. Other things that help are making sure the parent plant is really well watered the night before, take cuttings early in the day so they have maximum moisture in them, and put them straight into a plastic bag until you get to where you're going to prep. the cuttings. Even then they sometimes just don't take.
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  • LynLyn Posts: 23,047
    Take bigger cuttings, only take off the bottom leaves then put them in a glass of water.
    no heat no bags. They probably won’t root in the hot weather, I like to do mine in September when it’s cooler but if you’ve got some colder north facing room you could be lucky. 
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • Mike AllenMike Allen Posts: 208
    Andy Hi.

    Fuchsias are probably the most easiest of cuttings.  They can be taken as straight cuttings, leaf cuttings, tip cuttings and split stem cuttings.  Something suggests your cuttings were too soft, fresh etc.  I am sure You Tube has a vidio on the subject...  Try, try again.
  • Thanks for the comments everyone. I will be trying the tips that you suggested so fingers crossed next time.
  • Dirty HarryDirty Harry Posts: 1,048
    Thanks for the comments everyone. I will be trying the tips that you suggested so fingers crossed next time.
    My cutting success rate is poor so far but the only thing that worked with fuchsias I've tried is in a glass of water.

    Make sure to use a sharp knife as well, think some of my problems have been due to stripping leaves by hand.
  • B3B3 Posts: 26,954
    Also, just poke a few spare ones in a pot of compost and leave in a shady place. Water when you think of it. That works for me and you've nothing to lose. You can even re-use the compost if they didn't take😉
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