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Blaue Hexe

We noticed this evening that our Abies Procera Blaue Hexe looks very sad.  Please can anybody suggest what the problem might be.
It is in a pot against a west facing fence and has been watered regularly.  Up to a couple of days ago, it looked healthy, but now it looks burnt.



  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,465
    Possibly due to watering in bright sunshine,  the other thing maybe that it is waterlogged. 
    Is the pot raised off the ground, using "pot feet" ?
  • cefaylecefayle Posts: 14
    Yes, the pot is raised on feet.  
  • cefaylecefayle Posts: 14
    It is only ever watered in the evening when the sun is low sky/set.
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,465
    In that case,  l am stumped  :/
    Hopefully someone else can come up with the answer. 
  • cefaylecefayle Posts: 14
    Thanks AnniD
  • cefaylecefayle Posts: 14
    We decided to cut our losses and replace the Blaue Hexe.  When I took it out of the pot, it was clear that we had used the wrong compost and it was water-logged.  I have now repotted it in a free draining ericaceous compost and we will see how it gets on.

    Thanks again.
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