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Pauline, Norfolk

I have a young Judas Tree that I planted in the autumn.  It is in full sun for 80% of the day.  I covered it with hessian to protect from cold winds etc. in the winter and it looks in good condition with beautiful heart shaped leaves.  I have seen absolutely no blooms though.  Do they take a year to settle in before blooming or am I doing something wrong?  Advice would be greatly received.  Thank you.


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    Pauline, first edit your post to remove your email address otherwise you could get lots of spam.  You use the little cog at the side of the time on your post. You only have an hour to alter it.

    Regarding your Judas tree, I would expect it to take a few years putting on growth, and establishing strong roots before it flowers. Don't forget to give it at least a bucket of water every other day in this hot weather.
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    Pauline, you might want to change your forum name , it's showing your email address  :)
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    Yes, I thought it was part of the  header, but you need to change it at the username level.
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