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Maggots? Eating lettuce plants

Hi - I wondered please if anyone knew what these maggot type things were eating my lettuce - caught them red handed - and the best way to deal with this problem as I guess there is more of them around,  many thanks 


  • SkandiSkandi Northern DenmarkPosts: 1,260
    Argh Wirewoem, little horrors they are, pull them in half when you find them, one way if you have a small area is to get a potato cut it in half and stab it onto a skewer bury it in the ground and come back a day later to check it, remove any wireworms you find and put the potato back, use one every few feet.
    Wireworms are more common if you recently converted that bed from grass to vegetables, but they can live as long as 5 years before they turn into click beetles.
  • Michael147Michael147 Posts: 32
    Many thanks Skandi , i’ve done as you suggested and put in the potato skewers as it’s only 20 or so lettuce plants. I did convert that area from grass a few months ago so that makes sense.  I saw you live in Denmark - my brother lives in Copenhagen and is a keen gardener and grows loads of veg in his greenhouse- he says there aren’t many garden centres in Denmark and gets most of his seeds from the U.K. 
  • SkandiSkandi Northern DenmarkPosts: 1,260
    I'm right at the other end of the country, very rural so we have garden centres, but they sell British seeds anyway! (and I order mine online from the UK)
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