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Wood clippings instead of grass.

Hi everyone. 
We have a poor quality lawn laid over building rubble by the previous owner. Our new dog is contributing to the problem with her zoomies and toilet requirements.
I am considering sacking the grass completely and laying wood chips over the existing grass, top dressing with new chips as necessary. I’m hoping the local tree surgeons will happily contribute to the cause.
Any possible reasons why this would be a bad idea?


  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,531
    Hallo beencan, and welcome to the forum.  Wood chip will come into the house on the dog's feet, and probably on yours too in wet weather.  And it won't be maintenance-free - nothing is.  Weeds will grow in it, even if you lay a "weed-proof" membrane under it.  You say she's a new dog, so perhaps in time you can train her to treat the garden better.  You could start by designating a small area for her to pee and poo and teach her to use it.
  • DaffydillyDaffydilly North LancashirePosts: 78
    How large an area would this be?   I ask because I did this was very depressing even though I had many pots.  It may have been better with lots of trees and shrubs but the drabness of bark instead of lawn quite depressed me.  Also a pain when high winds prevailed.  My dogs and cats hated it too!
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