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Mail_In Rose Yellow Leaves

Hi there,
I'm a novice gardener and need your help, I purchased a mail-in rose, when it came two days ago, I couldn't plant it right away, as it was record-high temps in our area and I figured it wouldn't be the best idea. SO I kept it in it's original packaging, out of heat and direct sun. This is a bareroot rose BTW. Today, when I opened it, it has a lot of yellow leaves and they are falling off like crazy. Initially it was supposed to arrive today, just came earlier, so I thought the nursery prepped the rose for longer shipping time. Can I do something about it or it's best to return it?  Or it's simply stress from transportation?ng 


  • edhelkaedhelka Posts: 2,350
    It's very late to plant a bare root rose now. Are you in the UK? I would expect it to lose all leaves and possibly some canes too. Even if it is hot, it is better to plant as soon as possible and water often. Hydrate the rose before the planting in a bucket of water for at least an hour.
  • DaffydillyDaffydilly Posts: 78
    Bare root roses are not available from April to November in UK so assume you live abroad?

    Plant as late in the evening as possible due to heat but leave in bucket of water as mentioned above beforehand.   Do not despair at leaf loss as roses survive most traumas.   Water in and all should be well ;)
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  • Thank you for the advice, I did as you told. I'm in Ottawa,  Canada. We had a very weird stretch of weather. We had our last frost less than two weeks ago, and yesterday it was +36. So, they shipped it in early spring, and it arrived in the heat of the summer😁
  • DaffydillyDaffydilly Posts: 78
    Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get :)
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