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Plant ID for a complete novice please

I have only had a garden for 9 months, so i am completely clueless.  This picture may be a weed, so please excuse my ignorance, but just incase its not, could anyone tell me what this is  and if it should be kept. Thank you


  • Also, is there anything i can spray to get rid of those tiny weeds in soil, without damaging the plants that are there already, as, there are so many, and just trying to pull up by hand, is taking forever, and then within a few days , they are all back again..(see above picture)
  • That’s an ash sapling. Unless you want a stonking great big tree there in a few years I should dig it out and plant it somewhere more suitable.
    As for the weeds, you could try using one of those little hand hoes if it’s only a small area.
  • DaffydillyDaffydilly Posts: 78
    Weeding is always there but you can eradicate with persistence.  Firstly, I would sit among them and remove them and then mulch if possible to suppress new growth.  Attack them when they are longer and easier to remove.   I don`t use weed killer as the bees don`t like it!  
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