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Jade plant - dark areas on stem

Bpn500Bpn500 Posts: 1
Hi there, 

I’ve become a bit worried about some dark areas near the base of the stem/trunk of my jade plants. I’ve been reading a lot about root rot and how that can travel up the stems and am worried it might be this. 

The dark areas aren’t soft or mushy. I’ve had it out of the pot and the roots look fine (though I can’t say I know what root rot looks like exactly.) None of the leaves have dropped. If anything it’s under-watered. Are these dark areas definitely the sign of a problem down the line or could they just be nothing? 

Many thanks to anyone who knows more about this! 


    Looks normal to me.  I’ve got a few plants dotted around the house - mother’s and babies and they all have different markings on their stems.
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