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Taking care of this Rhododendron.

GraysGrays Posts: 141
Hello all,
I asked a question regarding this plant earlier in the year and the advice was to put it into a larger pot, it did the trick as it was covered in flowers and looked a lot healthier.
My question now is, what should I do to look after it going forward? When and how should I prune it? also where would be the best place for it for the rest of the year?

Many thanks.


  • This link might help - you'll need to scroll down a long way to reach the container advice.

    My first thought is the pot still looks too small for the plant...
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 28,803
    They don't need pruning except to remove the dead heads, carefully, so you don't spoil the buds coming behind.  It needs to be fed with specialist feed for ericaceous plants and it needs watering with soft or rain water right thru the season until mid autumn.  From mid July onwards it will set new flower buds for next year's display but they will be dropped or left to dry if the plant is allowed to get thirsty.

    I expect it can stay in that pot for this year if you get feeding and watering right but would also advise a bigger pot for next year and it will always need feeding and watering.
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  • GraysGrays Posts: 141
    Thanks for the advice guys.
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