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Is this deadly nightshade?

jen_bjen_b Posts: 1
So we moved into our house about 18 months ago. Last summer we noticed some deadly nightshade growing in the garden, which we dug up and the area around it. We’ve now got this plant growing in the same area.. is it deadly nightshade again or something different? 
I’m not sure as the leaves look slightly different and the stem is a bit darker than the photos I’ve looked at. 

Any ideas anyone? The centre of the flower looks yellow. We’re replacing the fence behind it next week so it will be getting dug up then anyway but I just want to know what to look out for so we can catch it early.



  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    They look like weedy Willowherbs to me. Epilobium, Ciliatum or Parviflorum.
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