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Growth on a windmill palm

Be_xBe_x Posts: 3
edited May 2020 in Plants
Hi! I think this is a windmill palm? We’ve noticed some unsightly yellow growths around the middle - does anyone know what these are? I can’t work out if it’s a fungus or type of flower (we’re not green-fingered at all as you’ve probably guessed!) 


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    The unsightly yellow growths are the flowers. Then they turn to small fruit afterwards.
  • Be_xBe_x Posts: 3
    Thank you - just realised the photo didn’t upload. We’ll leave alone. Hopefully the flowers will turn out nicer than they currently are!
  • Be_xBe_x Posts: 3
    Thank you @Treeface - they make me feel sick and don’t want the dog to eat the seeds when they start to fall. Will it harm the plant if we cut them off? 
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