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New bedding area - what to plant?!

polbpolb Posts: 198
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Hi, I need inspiration!

we've just had a new patio put in which is set about 2 ft up, leaving an area set around it (about 2/3m long and a foot or so deep) that I would like to put some plants. As they will be about 2ft down from the level of the patio it would be good if they were plants that would come up above 2ft so they are seen when sitting on the patio..if that makes sense?! The patio is south facing and the bedding area will be fairly exposed (open grass in front) although have the shelter from the back of the wall/patio. 

We have very clay soil but I would want to add good soil and mulch to help improve the area to ensure plants take! I love lime greens, purples, whites etc and I'm keen to have some evergreens for winter interest but mainly flowers for the summer months.

Does anyone have any inspiration for me? Are there any good books that I could order that might help inspire me and plan it? Or a website with perennial ideas?

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the empty space!  :/

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