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Tomato plants (Alicante and Gardener's Delight)

Hi - I bought three of each of the above tomato plants.  I've never tried ring culture before but my partner has, with success, and he set them up.  They were all doing fine in the conservatory/greenhouse.  A few days ago, possibly during the very windy weather, two of the plants started to show some leaf curl - leaves that curled downwards rather like claws.  Now most of the leaves are like that although the tomatoes on the vine look fine.  I don't know what's caused this - possibly the wind (they were the closest to a door so perhaps a draught?). No idea.  But would appreciate any comments or suggestions. I hate to throw them but neither do I want to infect other plants. They're still in the same place but I've placed them at the other end of the room away from other plants.  Many thanks :)  I have photos but not sure how to upload yet, but they may follow!


  • murraya-kmurraya-k Posts: 12
    Here are the two tomato plants: Alicante and Gardener's Delight.  Thank you. 
  • celcius_kkwcelcius_kkw Posts: 486
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    I’m not a tomato plant expert but it looks like wind damage/burn to me.. a lot of my plants look like this (unfortunately) after the recent strong wind..
  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 9,773
    Also check that they aren't being over-watered as they hate their roots standing in water and which can cause that sort of drooping.
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  • murraya-kmurraya-k Posts: 12
    Thank you Celcius and BTG - wind damage possibly/ring culture and standing in water, maybe (I have no experience of RC).  Do you think they can be rescued?

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