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Double trunked Eucalyptus

Hi all,

Thanks for the help on this. We have a Eucalyptus that we had bought when it had already grown a second trunk. We had previously staked the tree as it was growing at an angle but is now about 25ft high. Is it OK to leave the trunk as it is (at an angle) or will this cause issues down the line. It's a pretty robust tree and provides good cover to our neighbours house

All advice welcomed



  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,121
    Eucalyptus trees in habitat are often felled by severe weather etc. ; lateral shoots or stems often then take the place of the original main-stem .
    I would be probably more concerned about the eventual size your tree may attain !
  • Thanks Paul, weawe really the response. We would like it to cover the view of the house next door but not much taller than that so may have to look at our options once it has done that
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