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I placed an order with Gardening Express on the 24th April and I am still waiting, all attempts to contact the company are met with an automated response. It is impossible to contact them or cancel the order. I have placed orders with five other companies during this time and received my order within 5-10 days. The name Gardening 'Express' is frankly a joke. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I will never use them again. Will


  • Hi, I'm still waiting on a large order from 19 April, if you check their FB page they're posting regular updates now but I agree, doesn't excuse the extremely long delays (and their site still says delays of UP TO 4 weeks). I'd just appreciate some honesty and transparency. I get it's tough right now, but please just be honest about how long we have to wait - it's not too much to ask.
  • nicktennickten Posts: 105
    Apparently they're going to be on You and Yours because of delivery delays. I got my order last week, 4 weeks after ordering, but to be honest the timing worked out ok to get the plants in and the quality was really good.
  • Johnny CrosbyJohnny Crosby Posts: 37
    I received my items from them after almost 4 weeks, but they were not as described ( see this thread

    I contacted them by email and received an automated reply saying a “ticket” had been raised, and not to contact them again, they would get around to answering. Still no contact after  3 weeks. I have left a poor review on Trustpilot, and there are many 1 star reviews against their name.
    I seem to be suffering the same problems - placed order 6 weeks ago (at the time they said 3 to five days delivery but possibly up to two weeks) and the order is still listed as "processing". The worst thing is they totally ignore all attempts at communication - you can't even phone to complain. The utter contempt they have for their customers is amazing. Other on line plant companies have been brilliant but not Gardening Express.
  • februarysgirlfebruarysgirl Posts: 181
    I placed an order on 27th April and haven't received anything other than the automated update emails. Like everyone else, I understand that under the current circumstances delays are inevitable but if they've opened up another two sites and tripled their staff, this stuff should really have been sorted out by now. Fortunately it's not a large order and not urgent so for the time being, it's not a great inconvenience. I'm always in two minds about ordering from them, their delivery times have never been great and the plants 50/50 but when you can't find what you want elsewhere it becomes a necessary evil. However, during all of this, I have discovered some smaller companies who have great delivery despite the current situation and although they have high delivery charges, the plants I've received so far have been really good. I think this is the nail in the coffin for me and Gardening Express.
  • rebeccamM6CA_Gn6rebeccamM6CA_Gn6 Beckenham, kentPosts: 132
    Gardening express is an insult to horticulture! They delivered to me a delivery of 90% dead plants 2 weeks late - broken, weedy and forced in dreadful conditions thus showing weeding and sappy yellow growth. Guys when your order eventually arrives don't expect the plants to be alive. A total scam! I have not had a response to this date to my formal complaint. They should be prosecuted! Other  nurseries have been charging customers WHEN the order is shipped AND within 14 days, not taking money immediately and then either disappearing off the face of the earth or shipping disgraceful specimens. 
  • februarysgirlfebruarysgirl Posts: 181
    So, my order finally arrived today and to my surprise, the ferns were actually in pretty good nick. They sent a "free gift" of some bulbs. Not a clue what they are, they didn't mark the bag. I am slightly insulted though. They smell musty and upon inspection, the bottoms are moldy in places. A bag of bulbs that have been knocking around for a bit isn't enough to persuade me to use them again!
  • They delivered to me a delivery of 90% dead plants 2 weeks late - broken, weedy and forced in dreadful conditions thus showing weeding and sappy yellow growth. Guys when your order eventually arrives don't expect the plants to be alive.

    I ordered two Hydrangeas. They arrived 6 weeks later and one of them in particular looked less than healthy upon arrival. I got them in the ground anyway and to be honest they look as if they're struggling to take off :( unsure if one of them is indeed dying or has some sort of disease but some of the leaves were starting to turn, so I cut it back a bit and am awaiting any signs of health/life returning! I don't think I'll be buying from there again and am still in two minds about contacting them to complain. I appreciate they've been overwhelmed, but I waited so long in the hope that I was waiting for some good quality stock at least!
  • Eight weeks after I had “raised a ticket” following my complaint about incorrect items sent, I eventually received an automated reply, stating that my complaint would be passed to the horticultural manager, “ in due course”. I presume this means they will eventually get around to passing the buck to someone else, and he will also need 8 weeks plus to get around to dealing with my issue. When times return to normal, I will never use this sad excuse for a business again. No customer service at all.
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