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Palm Tree Going Yellow / Brown

I have a palm tree which is looking very sorry for itself over the last couple of weeks.

The tree came with the house so I don't know what variety it is or anything like that - I'm also not sure whether it's a single palm tree where the trunk has split off into four, or if there are four planted separately?

Anyway, the last couple of weeks one of the four has gone exceptionally yellow / brown and all the leaves are incredibly split. The other three are looking less healthy than usual at the bottom however are still a healthy green colour up top.

Assuming this might just be due to dry weather, I've watered the tree(s) thoroughly over the last week, leaving the hose on them for about 20 minutes a day. The water seems to disappear straight into the ground and doesn't pool on the surface which suggests it might just be really dry. However I'm not really sure.

Can anyone advise if this is simply due to the prolonged dry weather and whether my tree will recover? Do I need to continue watering thoroughly (I don't want to use this volume of water if it's not going to help!) or does it need some other form of treatment?


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    Cabbage Tree palm (Cordyline australis)? Agree that the browning is probably due to drought and wind.
    Concern over water use: you could use water from the house that you have used to wash vegetables. Not sure though washing up water any good as it may contain oils/fats.
    As a child we have an enormous metal water tank in the garden that the bath and sink water (grey water)was collected. Once settled this was used on the veg patch.
    I would keep watering them but maybe fill a bucket instead of using a hose for so long. Water in the evening when the sun has gone down.
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