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Portuguese Laurel (Prunus lusitanica) Roots

By way of recommendation I recently planted a number of Portuguese Hedging plants (some 40cm tall and 1m tall) in my garden and I am trying to find out more about their root system. The laurels were planted in planting beds 30cm away from paving and also next to a garden fence in a border 50cm wide which is sited behind my house. I just want to understand if there will be any future problems with how far the roots extend and them lifting paving slabs or effecting the foundations of the house as they are planted next to it. Any advice or information would be much appreciated.


  • JoeXJoeX Posts: 1,783
    I have a few, Id say ideally a little further away from the paving for the plants health but they are tough as old boots.

    I have one surrounded by patio paving, over 3m tall and it hasnt disturbed the flags.

    Try to keep them in check. Once the get huge theyre a beast to tame.
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