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Planting a Cordyline into the ground


I am new to gardening so forgive me if my idea is a bad one. I want to plant my Cordyline into the ground (currently potted) but the ground here is a bit clay. There are parts you could make a model or pot out of the clay soil and parts where the soil seems normal. I read that Cordyline require well draining soil. To give an idea of the ground, I have Cherry Laurels which grow well, fruit trees and bushes grow well and there are trees here. Weeds like nettles also grow like crazy here. I really want to put the Cordyline into the ground and grow it, so I was thinking to dig a big hole and refill it with well draining soil then plant it or should I just plant it as it is? The Cordyline is around 60cm tall from the base of the trunk.



  • bertrand-mabelbertrand-mabel Posts: 2,647
    We have very heavy clay soil and our Cordyline was not happy in one place in the garden (too shady) so it was moved some years ago into a sunnier position and it is thriving.
    So give it a go.
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