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Which fertilizer for which plants

I saw a really useful discussion on this forum about the merits of Tomorite and Blood, Fish and bone fertilizers. I now have my Tomorite with Seaweed and my BFB but can't find the post?
Which is best for what? BFB NPK is 3-9-3 and Tomorite 4-3-8 but that isn't helping me!


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,588
    Nitrogen(N) is for leaf growth, so high Nitrogen for brassicas.  Potash (K) is for flowering so good for tomatoes, also I use bonfire ash to put arpund the blackcurrant bushes. Phosphate (P) is good for root formation.  Blood is a quick acting source of Nitrogen, Fish is medium term fertiliser, Bonemeal, high in calcium phosphate, good for adding to soil when planting new trees.  Bonemeal breaks down slowly.
    I use BFB at the start of the season, for the veg patch and some mixed in the soil when I put bedding plants in etc.  Tomorite  is a quick acting fertiliser, useful for Tomatoes and other flowering plants. The seaweed adds a lot of micronutrients.
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