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Suggestions for nice Trees for garden - trees with bit of colour!

Hi everyone,

As a beginner gardener, I got some really good advice on the forum recently so I'm back for more.....:-)

The photo below is our front garden (new build house in country and lawn being sown next week).

We want to plant some trees which have a nice colour in the gaps which I've circled(not green, as the existing Portuguese Laurel hedge is green and the tall Portuguese laurel trees are green!)

They need to be tall enough to give us privacy from the house in front of us (similar height to the existing Portuguese laurel trees shown). I guess around 3 or 4m tall.

It is privacy but also nice colours of trees that we are after. We are going to bark this area.

Any suggestions on names of nice looking trees with nice coloured leaves? Trees that last all year around preferably....

Many thanks!



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