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Struggling with plants or design

SyfiniSyfini Posts: 22
Dear fellow gardeners, I’m a beginner to gardening and have bought lots of plants from my local allotment society nursery this last 2 years, trying to create a natural ‘cottage garden’ look, with lots of colour and flowers,  but have had no luck so far, could anyone please help me with suggestions on what’s wrong here - soil is quite dry at the moment Many Thanks Sylvia 


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,459
    Hello Sylvia  :)
    Do you know what plants they are ? It's possible that they are not happy with the positioning (eg sun lovers in the shade).
    Also did you do any soil preparation before planting, digging over the soil, maybe incorporating compost ? Do you know what type of soil you have ?
    Enough questions for now !

  • SyfiniSyfini Posts: 22
    Hello Anni
    i know most of the plants but did buy some on a whim having moved into new home and going thru’ tough time losing parents and was desperate for something to help me get through, so just bought plants as they weren’t too expensive at my local nursery, not thinking enough of what I was doing - I could list most of what I think I have planted, and test soil now? a bit late 🙄
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,459
    If you can list them, and also test the soil (if possible),  it would help.
    They're still surviving, so it's not too late  :)
    It's all part of the learning process ! 
  • SyfiniSyfini Posts: 22
    Many Thanks Anni, I’ll do this weekend as have time to myself tomorrow - I’ve found myself feeling very disheartened about it so tips from those who know a bit more are like gold - I’ll report back if you don’t mind in the hope that I can get onto the right track and look forward to my garden again 🙂
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,459
    Of course not, take your time  :). We've all been there, believe me !
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