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Pruning Group - Clematis Rhapsody

NaseemBanuNaseemBanu Posts: 72
I'm somewhat confused - again!

I bought a Clematis Rhapsody plant thinking it was classed in Group 3 for pruning. However on some sites it's described as being in Group 2.

I bought it specifically because I want it as a companion plant for a climbing rose; the idea being that pruning would be easy. A good, clean prune in Spring.

Looking for reassurance that I should treat it as such. 


  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    I'd go with 3 as recommended on Taylor's website.
    Most clematis can be treated as 3 if you need to.
  • NaseemBanuNaseemBanu Posts: 72
    Thank you K67. 
  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,622
    I have 'Rhapsody' and I treat it as a 3... it's plenty vigorous and there's no way I would want to light prune as a 2..  you should also pinch out the growing tips to make it bushier and get more flowers... don't be afraid to do this, it improves clematis considerably..
    East Anglia, England
  • NaseemBanuNaseemBanu Posts: 72
    Thank you for your advice Marlorena. Is the pinching advice applicable to all clematis or just the Rhapsody? 
  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,622
    ...I do it with all group 3's that I grow or have grown, that is viticellas and texensis types.... and later flowering group 2's.. I choose not to pinch out every stem, perhaps about half.. I also choose not to do it on early flowering group 2's or group 1's...
    I will also pinch out some on herbaceous..

    ...try it and see for yourself, this is how you learn...  as you see below, I pinched out the growing tip about half inch above the nodes.. what then happens is that the clematis produces 2 stems either side of the pinched out one,  so more flowers for you and rampant clematis are more contained that way..

    East Anglia, England
  • NaseemBanuNaseemBanu Posts: 72
    Thank you. That's very useful to know. Will give it a go. 
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