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Can someone tell me what’s going on with my cactus?

Hope everyone is well :)

I’ve had this cactus for 5 years ish, and to be honest I’m surprised by how well it’s been doing so far !
But I noticed that the colors are abit patchy and the tips are darker than the rest of the plant. It’s not totally black and it doesnt look especially dry, and also it has been so for quite a while so I didnt think to question the state of my cactus..but I would love it if someone could check it out—is my cactus okay? should i water it more/less frequently? Any kind of comment would help. Thanks!


  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 10,183
    It doesn't look good to be honest and you might need to chop the black out with a clean knife before it spreads too far. It looks stretched out from lack of strong light and like it's been sat in damp soil for too long. Can you answer some questions though please: How much sun does it get normally? Does the pot have drainage and what soil is used in there? How often do you water it and with what water? Do you feed it at all?
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  • Hey Wild Edges, thank you so much for checking out my cactus. To answer some of your questions: 1. its by the window so it gets sun everyday but not direct /strong sunlight 2. the pot does have drainage, but im not sure what the soil is 3. i water it about once every 3 weeks 4. other than water, no. Mainly I think its because a lack of strong sunlight & therefore damp soil. It has grown so much taller and branched out so much since I first got it(when i first got it it was just one stem abt 3 inches tall) so i think the plant itself is very strong..! so i think i’ll stick to the basics again first and move it to somewhere it can get stronger sun , and let the moisture go as well. Oh and I’ll cut off the blackened part as well. Thank you so much for your help !! I really appreciate it 😄😄
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