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Black spot on young pear

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We had an old apple tree that was riddled with canker and after a few attempts of restoring we gave up and removed it a few weeks back.

We had a small young pear tree a few feet away which top leaves had withered black which looked like fire blight. I cut back the branches and sprayed the area with water/bleach. 

About a week later the pear shows signs of withering leaves and now black spots on almost all the leaves and on young fruit.

is there anything I can do, Or should I remove it? We have a few new fruit trees this spring and I don’t want to risk anything transferring ?



  • CastorTroyCastorTroy Posts: 3

  • I just posted a similar query yesterday (young pear tree blackened leaves) and had someone very helpfully reply to suggest it is drought. My pear tree went black and withered on the tips within 1 week (from being glossy and green). It happened last year too - it recovered fine. This year (now it has happened again) I am taking his advice - dig the ground out 1 metre around the tree, use organic manure to mulch the area, and water twice weekly with 2-3 buckets at a time. Hope that helps. Thanks to BobtheGardener.
  • CastorTroyCastorTroy Posts: 3
    Thanks will give that a go
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