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Clematis ID request please.

First one currently lives in a pot. Not sure if I have the terminology correct but I think it’s a non twining variety. It doesn’t want to climb and flops out of the canes if not held in with string. I’m not sure how else to support it or to help it really. Any advice on how to support this type, I might plant into the ground if necessary.

Second one planted in the ground, growing up through And next to a small climbing hydrangea.

Any advice gratefully received.


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 30,029
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    The non clinging types are herbaceous clematis,and are more suited to a border - scrambling around and over shrubs. Did you buy it without knowing the variety?
    If you take a look on Taylor's, Thorncroft or Hawthorne's clematis specialists, you might get an ID of the one you have. 
    I'm not sure what advice you're wanting re the second one? The hydrangea will smother it though. They become huge in the right conditions. There doesn't seem to be much room there. 
    I don't recognise that one - possibly Rebecca, but it isn't open well enough, and if the colour's accurate in the pic, it looks too dark.
    Niobe is that sort of colour, but it looks completely wrong for Niobe. Different colour stamens too

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  • Thanks for your advice @Fairygirl the first one was put in to the pot I think when we moved house coming up 6 years ago. The plant label is long gone too. It was a temporary home and has remained stuck there ever since! Currently being furloughed from work has given me all the time I wouldn't usually get, so I may just get around to planting it somewhere more suitable. Likewise with number two, that too came from our last house and was thrown into a space as a temporary fix.

    If I can get them Identified then hopefully I can get them re-homed somewhere suitable. Good idea about browsing the clematis specialists sites.
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 30,029
    Your second one looks like a nice colour. There are quite a lot with those dark anthers, so you might get a reasonable ID from those sites. It might be easier once the flowers are fully open though.  :)
    Does it flower around this time for a month or two, and then later as well? If so, it'll probably be one of the Group 2 large flowering types. 
    I'm always meaning to get one or two of the herbaceous ones, but a lot of them are the type of flower I don't like. Thorncroft have a few really nice ones, so they might be the best place to start for that one. It's quite a dark, strong colour which might be easier to ID. It looks very healthy anyway  :)
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  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 30,029
    I just had a look and there's one called Arabella which looks fairly similar.
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  • Thanks again @Fairygirl I think I have found the first one.

    No luck on the second one, yet. But I do have a new photograph.

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 30,029
    Ah - good stuff @justandnobodyelse :)
    That'll help with a suitable spot and/or care for it etc
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  • Richard HodsonRichard Hodson Posts: 785
    First plant looks like x durandii, a superb herbaceous Integrifolia Group cultivar
  • Richard HodsonRichard Hodson Posts: 785
    The herbaceous clematis are very ' in ' at the moment, there are some compact forms, no more than 30 cms tall,  also many varieties of the Integrifolia Group, ranging in height from about 60 cms to some 200 cms, all non-clinging. They are perfect for obelisks in the mixed herbaceous borders, flowering July to September-ish, very hardy and can be propagated by division after a few years, most die back to the floor in Winter, we use several on the pillars of pergolas, just loosely tied in, better than having all the pergola legs bare and all the flowers very high up out of sight. Plenty of pictures if anyone wants to see some.
  • Thank you @Richard Hodson I think I have found the second one too!
    "Barbara Dibley"
    my image looks a little darker, but maybe thats because the flower has just opened?
    Images for Barbara Dibley certainly look familiar anyway.

  • Yes please, I would like to see some pictures if you have them handy @Richard Hodson
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