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indoor jasmine with curling leaves

suz2020suz2020 Posts: 1
I have just repotted an Inverleith jasmine which I bought from a garden centre a week ago and have kept indoors in a warm, sunny spot against a stone wall in a glass-fronted extension. It was thriving before repotting but now a lot of leaves (particularly new ones) are curling and going brown around the edges. Does anyone have any tips? I would be enormously grateful if so!


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,688
    What size pot have you re-potted this plant in? How much are you watering it? It's best you use a loam-based compost mixed with some multi purpose compost mixed in.

    Over time, this plant has a potential to grow vigorously. Unless it is a very small plant, I would try to leave them outside in the warm protected area for a few weeks in the warm weather to get it acclimatised at this time of year. Then place it by a sunny area so it will grow well.

    It could be too hot or dry indoors. Leaves curling can be a number of reasons, from protection from excessive heat to aphid infestation on undersides of leaves. 
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