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Comment on my planting scheme (picture included)

lucyp036lucyp036 Posts: 3
This is my planting scheme I have designed myself for the bottom of our garden. It is a south facing light shade border. The shade comes from a tree in the border itself. We have loamy free draining soil. 

The planting scheme might be terrible or genius. Either way, I'd be grateful for any comments at all. Included at the bottom is something I have cobbled together from google image searches. 

Hosta ‘Francee’, ‘Patriot’ or ‘Minuteman’

Hosta ‘Catherine’, ‘Dinner Jacket’ or ‘touch of class

Hosta ‘Orange Marmalade, 'Happy Dayz’ or 'Forbidden Fruit' 

Echinacea 'Harvest Moon’

Heuchera Little Cutie 'Blondie’

Heuchera 'Chantilly’ Villosa

Heuchera 'Blackberry Crisp’ or ‘Cherry Cola’

Philadelphus ‘Aureus’

Astibe ‘Fanal’ (False Goatsbeard)

Hydrangea (white mophead) variety tbc

Buddleja variety tbc

Salvia Wine & Roses/Pink Pong

Geranium Phaeum (dusky cranesbill) 


  • mikeymustardmikeymustard Posts: 495
    edited May 2020
    Nice idea. On the hosta front, you might find your 'little cuties' variety gets a bit swamped by the bigger boys. I've got a 'sweet tart' (no I'm not gonna break into rap lyrics) and it's gorgeous but dinky.
    Maybe try something like lime marmalade, which can easily hold its own against the more "thuggish elements" let's say (cough, blackberry crisp, I'm looking at you!)
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