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I have a sheltered courtyard area which gets part sun.Im thinking about doing it as a tropical look, probably in pots and troughs so I can move plants about to clean floor,I need to jet wash it once a year or so.
I’m thinking about a fatsia japonica as I’ve had one before and it was fine outside all year,don’t know if say cannas or calla type plants would be ok and get enough sun.The wall is the side of the garage and is currently white, any ideas for a more tropical dark background colour.there is already an ivy in place on the left from neighbour and a white camellia.It is west posh facing but is shaded by trees on common behind the courtyard,the wall of neighbours to the left. Any ideas are very welcome.No rush for this job,husband will make any troughs needed and I may paint some old pots if this would add to the look.


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    What a great idea!
    Lots of tropical-looking plants will thrive in shade or part shade - several palms - trachycarpus and chamaerops , bananas, yuccas, cordylines, phormium, fatsia, Magnolia grandiflora, tree ferns (if you're feeling flush  :) ) and other ferns for lower planting; hostas have lush foliage and the lowest, shadiest bits could be filled with brunnera, heuchera. 
    You could fill the sunnier bits with exotic looking flowering perennials and annuals like passion flower, hibiscus, datura, cannas, ipomea (inc. black varieties of batatas), Garrya elliptica, and the list goes on!
    Painting walls darker colours, green or black perhaps, might cut the light down a bit but the walls would completely disappear behind a lush planting. How about mirror tiles on one of the walls to make it look like it stretches into the distance? 
    Right that's enough thinking for me - I'm off for a lie down  :D
  • Thanks for that Mikey Mustard, lots to absorb.Love a hosta, have 6 or 7 so could divide and also have Brunnera.Recently started a part time job at a plant nursery so get a good discount too,thanks.. 
  • mikeymustardmikeymustard Posts: 495
    You're welcome, good luck with the project, it's what I'd do if I had a space like that!
    I love your forum name btw :)
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