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GW last night 22nd may

Wow, it was a cracking programme last night!  roses, delphiniums, clematis, peonies, dahlias - what a visual feast!  I really enjoyed the show more than usual as I grow every single one of those plants.  Even with all the difficulties caused by covid19 I am so happy to see GW every Friday and congratulations to the teams who make it all possible for us.
Plus it was lovely to see Monty with Nellie and Pattie at the end of the show!


  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 3,328
    Hey Jessum we need photographic evidence of this.
  • JessumJessum Posts: 63
    Um.....photographic evidence of me enjoying the programme or maybe photos of my own plants??? Rubbish peony that has never flowered, Oklahoma rose with Etiole violette clematis not yet in flower, Niobe clematis with Galahad delphinium not yet in flower.
  • JessumJessum Posts: 63

  • Jason millyJason milly Posts: 515
    I found the program rushed and lazy in the way of adding to much old material, what happened to jobs for the weekend and videos they asked the viewers to send in, I think the presenters were spread thin doing Chelsea virtual, I was disappointed with the show let's not use the latest situation to do cheap shows. 
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