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Rosa Comtesse Cecile de Cabrillant

LesleyHLesleyH Posts: 124
Afternoon everyone

I have just bought CCdeC and wondered if anyone has any experience of it. I would appreciate advice on where to plant it, with other roses in one of the main beds or is she capable of holding her own? I have a small bed about the size of 2 paving slabs near to my kitchen window and was thinking of homing her there. What do you think? And if not here, could you suggest a rose to put in that place? Pref bushy and blowsy and very fragrant! It faces south

cheers m’dears


  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,631
    ...Hello.. !
    ...I've not grown that rose, and I've never seen it, so I can only tell you what I know from one of my books, written by a renowned rosarian of his time.. sounds rather nice actually, but it is a hybrid perpetual... 2 things I know about them is that they are often disease prone, and lanky growers, needing staking and pegging.. this rose is capable of reaching 6 or 7 feet.. it's a vigorous prickly bush, rich lilac pink blooms and a very sweet scent.. [sounds nice so far?]... good hips too in autumn.. it blooms late Spring/early summer and again in Autumn... I'm not sure if you get many flowers in between... 

    ...hope it does well for you, it's an interesting rose to obtain and grow... and has been around since 1858...  please show some photos when it's in flower,.. I should really like to see them.. as I'm sure others would too on various threads..
    East Anglia, England
  • LesleyHLesleyH Posts: 124
    Hi Marlorena

    Thank you for the info. I bought it because of its eventual height, scent and look, but didn’t know the disease prone part, nor it was lanky. I think therefore it will work well behind others at the back.

    yes, as soon as it flowers I will put up some photos. DA think quite highly of it, so will be exciting to see how it performs! 

    Thank you again

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